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English speakers in Hungary are well served by a range of online news outlets. Many have sadly gone in the 10 years since I arrived, for example the Budapest Sun and many parts of New and fresh publications have taken their place, with We Love Budapest the highlight.

This list covers the websites I enjoy and read, with an overview for those of you who are not yet familiar with them. If you know of others which are worth including, then feel free to drop me a line. Of course Budapest Inc has a news section too.

#1 Xpat Loop

xpatloop-logoThis gets the number one spot as it was the first site I was aware of all those years ago, reproduces news from others with very little unique new content. The interface now looks ‘dated’ (I’m being kind). I would personally recommend double-checking any information found there from more up-to-date sources before acting on it. See for yourself over at

#2 We Love Budapest


A relative new comer to the English language sites list, you cannot fail to have missed We Love Budapest if you use social media in any way. The focus is on going out, food and drink and practical guides on a range of subjects. I love the content they produce. Most of this is written in a snappy, light and accessible style. This is not news in the traditional sense, though news items related to social and lifestyle topics are here, as well as the entertaining guides. This site should appeal to visitors as well as residents and I strongly recommend checking it out at



This is the survivor of several sites run by Erik D’Amato under the All Hungary Media Group. For me, nobody comes close when it comes to mixing quality journalism with subtle humour. It seems like Caboodle, Chew and Real Deal are no longer being updated, though Pesticide is the biggest loss for me. This quirky blog really brought living in the bizarre bubble that is the Hungarian international community to life. If you missed it, then check out, you’ll find plenty of the satire still rings true today. For the politics, the URL is


I only came across this fairly recently, though it has taken over from the BBJ for me as my go-to site for business news and economic analysis. There are in-depth pieces, as well as snippets with views from analysts. If you are looking for specifics, then there are sections for Property, the Economy, Tax and more. Quality work with all the major stories promptly covered. Check it out at

#5 Budapest Business Journal

This site is an institution, and still has high quality articles covering business and finance. Though I tend to look at Portfolio more often these days, the BBJ still has compelling reasons for a weekly visit.  What I like about this site is the balance between the ‘big picture’ and more focused topics which affect different industries and demographics here in Hungary. This site should be on the regular reading list of everyone who is interested in business topics. See for more.

#6 Budapest Times

Another of the long running publications, and another place you’ll find top quality journalism. I have just checked their website, and realized that it is the first time in at least a year for heading over there. There are plenty of stories, and a great general summary of each week – along with a ticker of the headlines. I guess I struggle to understand who this is for these days, and for a truly compelling reason to return. Will make sure I visit weekly for a while and see if that changes my mind. There is also a German language version, the Budapester Zeitung. Check them out at

#7 Daily News Hungary

It would be easy to mock this site for questionable translations, though I think it has some positive aspects. The stories seem to be ‘breaking news’ translated from the major Hungarian outlets. These are put up fast, and released via social media. This means Daily News Hungary often gets breaking news out into the international community first. I think that should be welcomed, and I’m happy to overlook the odd ‘interesting’ choice of terms in the translation to see it. Check them out at

#8 MTI Newsletter

This will probably raise a couple of eyebrows… did you know you can get a daily newsletter from the Hungarian government, which contains the English language news? You’ll have to pay for it too. Wipe off those smirks please, I have heard good things about this service. The people running it are apparently professional and make a big effort to be neutral in their coverage. I sometimes wish that I could say the same about the liberal-infested BBC! This is the best link, you can find PDFs of many stories

#9 Hungary Today

Another site with a newsletter, though something about the word ‘Daily’ was lost in translation when it comes to the intermittent mails. The stories cover a broad range of topics, and the standard of journalism is high. Again I find a hint of trying to appeal to everyone, and ending up too broadly based to stand out. Having said that, I generally do open their mails and check out the stories – which in the context of my crowded inbox means that they are doing something right. See for more.

If you know of any sites which should be added, or simply want to share your opinion on those listed here then feel free to comment below or drop me a line




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