Kodály method included in UNESCO World Heritage List

Kodály method included in UNESCO World Heritage List

UNESCO’s world cultural heritage body has included Hungarian composer and educator Zoltán Kodály’s method for the preservation of folk music in the list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage, Hungary’s human resources minister said.

Doh, ray, me… Manual signs of the Kodály Method

Zoltán Balog said that the Kodály method has been included in the register of good safeguarding practices, as a method to be spread and followed in other countries. “We trust that this international recognition will contribute to the strengthening and renewal of learning music at school,” he said.

The Kodály concept is based on the idea that the preservation of a musical heritage should start at an early age, by learning folk songs in kindergarten.

According to UNESCO, “over the past century, the Kodály concept of safeguarding traditional folk music has helped to promote, transmit and document local practices in Hungary and assisted communities abroad for similar purposes.“ The concept has been incorporated in school curricula since 1945.

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