HUF banknote upgrade: how to check their authenticity

HUF banknote upgrade: how to check their authenticity

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The National Bank of Hungary is upgrading the 2,000 forint and 5,000 forint banknotes it issues, deputy governor Ferenc Gerhardt told the press.

The images on the bills will remain unchanged, but they will get enhanced security features, Gerhardt said.

Legislation on the new bills will come into force from Tuesday, but they will not enter circulation until March 2017. The old 2,000 forint and 5,000 forint bills will remain in circulation until the end of next July, but they may still be exchanged, free of charge, at banks and post offices for a period of three years and at the central bank for 20 years.

The NBH upgraded the security features on the 10,000 forint bill late in 2014 and followed suit with the 20,000 bill a year later, which phaseout will be completed on December 31, 2016. After this date, only the new 20,000 bills will be accepted.

The 20,000 HUF bill on the left is getting phased out by December 31, 2016. The new one on the right has more security features and a yellowish color. (Image from

The easiest way to tell the new notes from the old is that the new have more of a yellowish color. But for official information, descriptions and updates on Hungarian banknotes in English, visit the NBH website’s Banknotes page.



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