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This page outlines the user Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

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Content and Use of Information

Original content is copyright and fully owned by INC Services Kft. Content may not be copied, distributed of reused without express written permission.

All content is provided for entertainment purposes only. INC Services Kft. makes no representations about the fitness for purpose of any of the material here. This includes information provided by partner organizations and resources linked to from this site. By using any of the information provided on this website, you expressly agree that INC Services shall not be liable for direct or indirect losses however incurred.

Misuse of content is policed through plagiarism checking services including Copyscape™. We reserve the right to legal action against anyone found to have stolen text of images from this site.

Privacy of Your Data

Budapestinc.com does not currently use cookies or other forms of personally identifiable information to track your behavior while on the site. Aggregate data from all users is collected in the form of total visits, views for individual pages and clicks on individual links and banners.

We might use your information to contact you by email to let you know about any of our services or promotions, but we do not collect and storage any personal data.

3rd Party advertisers using this site may include their own tracking codes including cookies, and tracking pixels. By continuing to use this site blocking any advert cookies or scripts becomes your responsibility.

By signing up for our e-mail newsletter and Clubcard, you will need to provide your e-mail address. INC Services kft use the globally trusted 3rd party provider Aweber Communications to manage e-mails, and do not hold this information ourselves. We will never share, sell or disclose your e-mail address to 3rd parties.

Anti-Spam Policy

BudapestInc.com is opposed to spam in any form. Users are advertisers are expressly prohibited from any activity involving spam, and we reserve the right to block users from our site, mailing list and / or social media accounts if they are involved in activity which could be interpreted as spamming.

Ownership and Contact Information

BudapestInc.com is licensed to INC Services Kft. for the purposes of providing information to the International Community in Hungary.

This domain is owned by Dr. Laszlo Pflanzner, 1076 Budapest, Péterfy utca 22. Laszlo can be contacted via office@budapestinc.com

This site is managed by INC Services Kft.

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Changes to this Agreement

BudapestInc.com reserves the right to change or revise this agreement at any time and without notice.

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