About us

About us

What you’ll find here:

– The Mission and Goals of Budapest Inc

– The Benefits of Getting Involved

What is Budapest Inc?

I estimate that there are more than 300,000 international residents in Hungary. Among them are some amazing people; there are entrepreneurs, artists, organizers of associations, events and sporting groups. There are families, freelancers, students and retirees here – as well as the old style ‘expats’ on business assignments which once dominated the scene.

BPinc-about-usBudapest Inc brings together the many positive aspects of the international community, providing a homepage where you can get a ‘helicopter view’ of what is going on.

Here you will find an opportunity to share your events, find relevant curated news, find business initiatives and social groups and the opportunity to share your own endeavours. If you want to make friends, find specific events, info or guidance, then Budapest Inc is your go-to resource.

Budapest Inc is much more than just the ‘Homepage of the International Community’ – it is your opportunity to get the very best from the vibrant and diverse international scene.

The Benefits of Getting Involved

There are several ways you can get involved.

First, do take the time to get a Budapest Inc Clubcard. This will get you discounts and exclusive offers from many local businesses which are keen to work with the international community. This is a win-win, the more of you that use the card, the better offers and bigger diversity of deals we will be able to bring to you.

If you have an organization, business, social event or some news which you feel would be interesting to the international community – let us know. Budapest Inc is dedicated to sharing, and would relish the opportunity to promote your initiatives.

You can also get involved by sharing your blog, website, or even creating blog posts for the ‘Budapest Life’ section.

Your first step, write to office@budapestinc.com , let us know what you are up to, and we will find a way to help you work together with the international community.